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Thank You Carol Mock

Filed in Library, News by on March 4, 2020
Thank You Carol Mock

Carol Mock has served us for many years as the librarian for COSTL’s lending library, and we are so grateful! Her service – in readying books, CDs, and DVDs for the collection, in developing and maintaining our catalog of several hundred items, and in doing the truly thankless job of gently reminding borrowers to return books – has required hundreds of hours over the years. Carol also wrote a good number of book reviews for publication in the COSTL newsletter to make sure that we knew of the best books available for lending. Carol has decided to “retire” from this responsibility, but not before she spent many hours training a successor. Sandra Johnson will be trying her best to carry on in Carol’s footsteps, relying on the detailed systems that Carol has established.
God bless you, Carol, just as you have blessed us with your service!

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