Many people on the contemplative spiritual journey benefit from attending formal programs offered by the St. Louis chapter of Contemplative Outreach and other chapters around the country.

Below is a listing of the programs we offer. Click on the links to read a short description of each. Our monthly newsletter contains specific information about current offerings in our chapter. Programs are open to all people on a spiritual path regardless of denomination. As our ninth Theological Principle states, “…we are united in our common search for God and our experience of Christ through Centering Prayer.”

Introduction to Centering Prayer
Introduction to Lectio Divina
Centering Prayer Groups
LEAP Series
Centering Prayer Retreats
Silent Saturdays
Welcoming Prayer Practice
Other Programs

If you have questions about any of the program offerings, please e-mail our Co-coordinators at or leave a message on our phone line at (314) 465-5905.

If you’re new to Centering Prayer or would like to know more about the Contemplative Outreach community in St. Louis, we suggest the following:

  • Call (314) 465-5905 to find out about attending an Introductory Workshop on Centering Prayer (see below)
  • Read Fr. Thomas Keating’s book on Centering Prayer entitled Open MindOpen Heart. You may also be interested in his books Invitation to Love and Intimacy with God.
  • Go to the Events section on this website and read about our upcoming events. We’d love to have you join us.