Fall into the Woods – Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023, 9-11 am

Contemplative Outreach “Soul Trekkers” invite you on a meditative walk through the woods.

Since we are intimately connected with nature this trek will help us identify similarities between ourselves and the woods. Our guide, for this inspiring trek, Colleen Baum is a professional arborist for over 20 years.  Her instincts open us to relate  to the depth of trees and how they empower us by their resilience in dealing with the winds and storms of life.  Helping us to connect with our inner strength as well. While also listening to the wisdom of the forest in stillness, we will have the opportunity to be guided and participate in a centering prayer meditation.

Formation of the Soul Trekkers

In 2022 following a 7 day silent retreat in Snowmass, CO at St. Benedict’s Monastery, Jennifer Beeman, Heather Fricke, Susie Brent gathered with Jenny Adamson and Pat Johnson to discuss potential avenues for sharing the methods of centering prayer with the next generation. It was suggested to combine centering prayer with an activity such as yoga or art. 

It was agreed upon that contemplative prayer may enhance and be enhanced by any activity that lends itself to a stillness in mind and heart, a joy within, and being truly present in each moment. The divine dwelling within can be communed with while hiking beneath the trees, free flowing with a favorite melody, exploring and creating in a favorite artistic medium, within the deep breath taken while settling into a yoga pose, energy breath work, or while listening to the draw of classical piano music. These are just some avenues to become more comfortable with simply being.

On First Saturdays we are exploring centering prayer with: 

  • November 4 – Walking in the Woods with Colleen Baum
  • December 2 – Crystal bowls sound bath with Missy
  • January 6 – Poetry with Dwight Bitikofer
  • February 3 – To be Decided
  • March 2 – To be Decided

It is the Soul Trekkers intent to investigate the many branches of the Tree of Contemplative Practices combined with guided Centering Prayer meditation sessions to inspire exploration, joy, and connection in a fellowship of contemplative travelers.  While centering prayer guidelines will be offered, any and all meditation disciplines are welcome. The goal is to embrace stillness and foster a relationship with the God within each of us and our true authentic selves. Come share in the beautiful intimacy that stillness in community has to offer.

Where we’ll meet

Rockwoods Reservation Conservation Area, Rock Hollow Trail
Main Trail Head Parking is located at:

Ridge Meadows Elementary School
777 Ridge Road, Ellisville, MO

This is a 2.1 Mile loop trail near Glencoe, Missouri. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 51 minutes to complete. With our tour guide at least an hour to an hour an half longer. 

Notes to consider and a word of caution:

  • The Main Trail is completely paved.
  • Bring sturdy walking shoes for walking, water and perhaps protein bars.
  • It is the woods and we recommend bug repellent such as Deep Woods Off.
  • The first mile is a steep descent which means it is challenging uphill last mile.


Suggested donation amount is $10 and may be paid when registering.


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