COSTL Lending Library Updates

“As the years go by, I find myself experiencing God’s extraordinary concern, consideration, healing, and what I call in my books, the divine therapy.”

Thomas Keating

Contemplative Outreach of St. Louis has a library of over 550 books that cover topics related to meditation, scripture reflection, spiritual life, 12-step work, mysticism, theology and other topics of interest to persons practicing or drawn toward practicing Centering Prayer. The library is housed at Grace Episcopal Church and can be found in designated space within their library. This rich resource is available to you, and we hope you use it.

The process is super easy: visit the library and take a book (or two) that appeals to you. Return it if you can or keep it if you want. Or pass it on to someone you know. No need to fill out the library card or create a record that you have taken a book or two. Our hope is that the books will leave our shelves and find a home in human hands and heart.

Please check out the Resources tab on the COSTL website for important information, including how to access Grace Episcopal Church and the library.

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